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for events up to 40 guests

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Exclusive use
Private Gatherings

We specialise in creating an

intimate space for your

group gatherings and are

renowned for our relaxed

and accommodating attitude.

Our dining room is available

Our venue seats up to 90 people and standing cocktail parties up to 120 people.

       Whether it be your beautiful baby's christening with all your loved ones, celebrating a milestone birthday or a corporate presentation for your top stakeholders, together we will create a package to suit your needs!

          Some incredible stylists have worked with us and could assist with any decorating needs you choose. The space is yours to customise, clients on many occassions like t set up the venue the night before or give the staff a run sheet of how they would like the venue set. We truly are accommodating to what suits you best.

We have some fantastic stand up food items a space which opens up onto a piazza which we have used for engagements, product launches, casual corporate get togethers, private night parties, team celebration etc we provide as much food as your event requires and we are flexible in how much savory or how much sweet and could be a combination of sit and standing up to you.


for events up to 85 guests

What is a Festa at Borsa


Food Options


Festa means food to your celebration whatever that might be, and starts with that Antipasto lineup, it's the way we get everyone enjoying the same thing at the same time, we are able to tailor to your specific needs and work with your timing requirements it's a very flexible food option.
We handle allergies and dietary requests on a individual basis and generally say yes to most things.

Festa 2 course $44

This is our most popular Share Menu, Mix Antipasti, then 4 types of Pasta of your choosing the more people the more pasta. (gfo) (dfo) (v) OK 
Always lots of food, lots of choices.  Allergy and Dietary friendly

Festa Grande 3 course $66
Full Feast Share Menu. Mix of Antipasti, 4 types of Pasta of your choosing, 2 types of Meat Dishes Veal Saltimbocca and Cotoletta alla Milanese, Green Salad and Rosemary Potatoes. (gfo) (dfo) (v) OK 
Always lots of food, lots of choices.  Allergy and Dietary friendly

Beverage Options

 a:   One Account everything goes on one bill

This option is when we have discussed your needs and guests can feel free to order what they like and the bill is settled on the day

 b;   Share the Beverage costs

 This is when the host and the guests share the beverage cost of the party using  a combination of our QR codes and contributions of a set amount either in advance or at the end.

 c;   Guests need to buy their own drinks

For this convenience guests will require to use our with our easy QR code system so can order and pay as they go along

 d:  Can we bring our own wine BYO

This is when you have some access to fantastic wines that you just have to bring and enjoy them our charge is $20 per bottle and  the rest we we will  have to discuss either individual payments using our QR code and or  a contribution to the beverage total.

Semi Private Dining

 On many occassions we provide up to half of the dining room for an event that can be held in conjunction with other diners.

 We can adapt the menu to any requirements and tailor it according to your timing needs we pride ourselves on being so flexible.

At Borsa we treat our clients like our school friends and this is important event for them.

Group and Party Bookings

Theses are our most common and loved events with many reasons to have either a family table, a friends catch up or a business war room. There are many food and beverage options available for this type of event depending on time of booking, day of the week and total number of guests attending.

We handle all dietaries on a individual basis and if required with proper planning a smooth pay separately system can be implemented.

for events up to 26 guests

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